The Challenge

Half of the worlds population menstruates. But somehow period stigma is still a thing. The consequences for women and girls can be big - especially in the developing world, where period stigma and lack of access to period products is a major barrier to girls' education. In East Africa half of the girls drop out of school due to the consequences of their period.


Tavia is a period product subscription service – the pads, tampons, and other products you use, delivered right to your door. Because we know every woman’s cycle is different, you get to choose what you receive, in what quantities, and how often. Most importantly, when you subscribe to Tavia, you sponsor one girl in the developing world with a year’s worth of culturally appropriate, locally produced products (like reusable and washable pads). You get what you need, and they get what they need. Everybody wins. 

To ensure the products we provide make it into the right hands, we are personally involved in the giving process. On the ground in our partner communities and at every step in our supply chain, the people we work with are committed to making sure everything we do is appropriate and respectful of local customs and culture – and beneficial to local economies. We partner with local businesses that employ members of the communities we work with, and source materials and labor from within those communities whenever and wherever possible. Caring about girls means caring about their communities. Period.


We exist to keep girls in school. Part of that is giving them the menstrual products they need. Another part is creating safe, stigma-free spaces where they can ask questions and learn about their bodies – ‘cause isn’t that something we could all use a bit more of? We’re bringing menstruation out of the shadows and recognizing it for what it is: basic biology. Not dirty. Not gross. Totally human, and pretty damn powerful.We’re proud to be part of a growing movement to empower women and girls everywhere to realize their potential – at school, at work, and anywhere else they want to be. 


Tavia Team