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Tavia subscriptions are fully customizable, flexible, and convenient to make sure you have exactly what you need, when you need it, and always free standard shipping.


Customize your subscription

Choose from a variety of period products and customize each order to suit your needs. When you subscribe you also Save 10%.


Set your delivery frequency

For each subscription product, you decide when to receive it. Standard shipping’s always on us!


Add additional products

Choose from a selection of one-time purchase items anytime without disrupting your subscription.

Discreet and convenient

Deliveries arrive in discreet packaging right to your door. No more late night drug store runs.

Adjust or skip anytime

We’ll send you a reminder email two days before your next order processes to ensure you have time to adjust your product mix. Or, skip if you’re set for the month.

No commitments

No subscription fees, no long-term commitments. We make it easy to skip or cancel directly online without penalties.