Want To Make a Difference… With Your Period?

Modern life is hectic. It can feel impossible to make a real difference in the world, especially when you’re running around taking care of all the little details that keep life moving. Fortunately, there are solutions, and Tavia, a menstrual product subscription service, is one of them.

But wait, how do menstrual products make a difference?

It’s simple. Your purchase with Tavia provides a school girl in East Africa with the menstrual products she needs for a whole year.

You read that right, a whole year!

Better yet, these products are culturally appropriate and locally sourced.

We work with the communities we help to design and manufacture the types of products they are comfortable using. That way the products are culturally acceptable. The girls can use them without fear of stigma or shame from their families and peers.

That means more girls in school and more income in the community. Your purchase means major social gain.

Tavia Helps You Too:

And no, you don’t have to give up your favorite products and brands to help. Tavia works with the major menstrual product manufacturers to carry their products. You sign up for exactly the products you want, and how often you want them delivered.

Delivery means you have regular access to the products you need. No compromising at the store, no more panic that you don’t have what you need when Aunt Flow comes to visit, no more worrying if a new product will keep you comfortable and your clothes protected.

Exactly what you want. Exactly when you want it. Every Single Time.

You can also modify your subscription online with the click of a button. Only want to order one month’s supply at a time?

No problem!

Need something a little different in the summer?

Absolutely, customize your delivery any time.

Want to try something new?

Certainly, add it one month and you can take it right back off if it isn’t the product for you.

The Real Impact of Your Purchase:

Women are an economic force in communities across the globe. Women are more likely to invest a large portion of their income into their families. They buy food, clothing, health products, and more.

When women are earning, their families see enormous benefits, and so does their community.

Women completing higher educationa lmilestones in their community leads to greater financial success, access to opportunity, gender equality, and more.

Not every girl in Eastern Africa gets to go to school. The opportunity is limited, it’s expensive, and often it’s distant. But a girl’s period should never be a reason she has to leave school.

By using Tavia, with all its perks, you can be the reason she doesn’t have to.

You could be the difference between a girl who has to drop out, and a girl who brings home a diploma.

Convenience for you, and everything for her.

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