Don’t Let Biology Hold You (Or Anyone Else) Back

Gender inequality is still a world-wide issue today. One of the problems at the forefront of the fight for gender equality in many communities is access to opportunities like education, jobs, and even food security. But we don’t talk about one of the key issues at the core of those opportunities.


Access is Everything.


Feminine hygiene products aren’t fashionable. In fact, most of us think about our hygiene products as little as possible. Here, in the USA, we have that luxury precisely because most of us have access to those products. In many regions and schools through Eastern Africa, women and girls don’t have that luxury. These women face a difficult choice every month, scrounge for whatever they can use to stop the flow so they can go out in public, when often their only options are health hazards, or stay home from work and school.

This monthly conundrum has real, life changing, consequences for those women and girls. Our research shows that every additional year a girl stays in school translates to as much as 12% high pay every year of her working life. The ability to stay in school is utterly transformative.


Getting it Right.


Tavia wants to give those girls the opportunity to stay in school and reap those benefits. We want those girls to be confident going to school every day of the month, regardless of their cycle.

Even here, in the USA, women know how important it is to have the right products. That’s why we work with the biggest providers of menstrual products to ensure you have exactly what you need to make the most of every day and every opportunity.

Tavia delivers your products right to your door, and we work hard to make sure your order is precisely what you need every time. You don’t let your biology get in your way. We see it. We see the world-changing inspirational work women do every single day.


But getting your products through Tavia helps you do even more. We work with the communities we sponsor to make sure the products we supply, which are locally sourced and bring jobs into the community, to make sure they get exactly the supplies they need too. We have to get it right each and every time.

Imagine missing a week of school because you didn’t have the products you needed to stay safe and healthy during that time of the month. How hard would it be to catch back up after that long away? What if it happened month after month, how long would it be before you just couldn’t catch back up?

We make sure you get what you need, and we make sure she gets what she needs to reach for those opportunities.

Here at Tavia we know that women in these communities make a huge difference. As much as 95% of a woman’s income goes straight back into supporting her family, her community. So every high school graduate, every extra year a girl goes to school, that prosperity affects so many more people than just one girl.


Biology is Real - But It Shouldn’t Hold You Back


Human biology is a fact. Women menstruate. But menstruation shouldn’t be one of the things that holds anyone back from reaching making the most of their potential. Menstruation is just something people deal with, like having a cold, or a restrictive diet. How much better might the world become if everyone in it had access to the tools and supplies they need to seize opportunity and make an impact?


Women supporting each other and lifting each other higher everyday is part of how we make that happen. Let Tavia support you, and together we’ll make the world brighter for women everywhere.


Shout Out To An Inspirational Woman


A few months back we had the opportunity to talk about an amazing woman and add her to our list of Inspirational Women, but as the premier of Race Wives is swiftly approaching we wanted to send our congratulations to her again.

Amber Balcaen, a 25 year old woman who has already made history as the first Canadian female race driver to win a NASCAR sponsored race, is one of the stars of CMT’s new show, Race Wives.

As a driver, Amber had to build her own name and business. She worked hard to get where she is today, but she also works to show other people that reaching for your dreams is possible. Not only is she incredible in her own right, but she understands the importance of lifting other people up too.

So, we wish nothing but the best for Amber, Race Wives, and all the incredible women out there, working to make a difference.


Thank you!

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